Once your canine companion has completed basic obedience training they can move into more advanced programs such as Protection and Security Training. As well as Specialty Training, which includes Retrieval, Scent Work, and Utility Training. Specialty Training gives your dog a job.

Retrieval Training

Is good for anything from playing fetch, and putting away toys to giving your dog a job such as retrieving dropped objects and carrying or delivering them.

Scent Work

After the Retrieval Training we can teach your dog to use it’s nose to find hidden objects.

Utility Training

A more functional version of Agility Training, where as Agility is for sport, Utility Training can be used in every day situations.  Such as crawling under the bed to get the remote, climbing a step stool to get the keys, etc.  This training allows you and your dog to work together as a team.

Service Dog Training

A service dog is a dog that has been trained to perform a job that assists someone with a disability. This may include but is not limited to mobility, stability, or assisting with physical or mental limitations.

Protection Training

A Protection Dog that protects the family and home can be a very valuable asset. In order for them to do this properly they still need to be social. Our training will teach them how to determine who is a threat and who is not. Allowing them to still be an active part of the family.

Security Dog Training

A security trained dog secures/guards the home or business. They are trained to keep unwanted personnel off of the premises without leaving the boundaries of the property. We recommend that this type of trained dog is not overly socialized as to not breech the security training.